-"A Tasty Dream Come True"

Laughter is brightest where the food is best
-"A Tasty Dream Come True"

We are what we repeatedly do.Excellence therefore is not an Act but a Habit
-"A Tasty Dream Come True"

We love to see the Smile when we share
-"A Tasty Dream Come True"

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an Act but a Habit
  • Arabic Flavours

    Parsley, tomato, Olives & fete cheese SALAD
    Sharab Tamr Hendi
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  • Starter

    Starters are intended to get the guests excited about the meal by offering a sneak peek as to what the chef is capable of. It is an appetizer served as a first course of meal to stimulate the appetite and moderate the hunger


    Breakfast is the most important meal for the DAY. Missing breakfast often leads to overeating unhealthy foods, which are high in calories and fat. If we had eaten a healthy breakfast that released energy slowly throughout the day, all the unhealthy snacking is avoidable!

    Side Dishes

    A Complimentary role in a good meal and adds value to the main course. Side Dishes provide Variety and give a proper balance to the main course.

    Main Course

    Main Course – is the primary dish in a meal and we featured here Meat, Fish and Vegetarian dishes that we tried and tasted during our gatherings with families and got high appreciations. Few dishes are inspired from our experiences during our travels also!

    Sweet tooth

    Sweets after a meal, is a tradition in the world of food! For few it is a mood booster and others it is mere habit. Any meal that ends with a sweet dish gives lots of happiness and a feeling of togetherness and comfort.

    Food for Thought

    Food for thought – Synonyms of mental stimulation, something to think about, something to be seriously considered. In this wedge of our platter, we present with recipes that warrants serious consideration. Healthy recipes that are worth try!

    Loved Ones

    Receipes for our Little Ones. The ones we wish to prepare for them for their lunch boxes, the love we want them to carry to School . Also our favourite dishes from our loved ones, those we have inherited from our Grandmas, Moms and Dads and Siblings- the ones that roll down generations!

    Thirst Quencher

    Water is the best choice for quenching our thirst. We include here beverages – Hot and Cold Coffee, a variation of the usual tea without added sweeteners, fruit juices made of a mix of ingredients and some recipes of some lovely milk shakes.

    Bread Basket

    Make everyday a Celebration- A slice of bread for Breakfast, or a whole meal chappti made out of love keeps the family members smile.

    Special Occasions

    Recipes for all those special occasions/ festivals, when only the best we will do, remains unique and memorable. We pride ourselves on making every gathering an unforgettable experience and the very best it can be. All special occasions we hold dearer to our heart and celebrate to guarantee satisfaction. – A Tasty Dream Come True
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