Baked Sausage Roll

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Sausage Roll

  1. Sausages 4 Nos.
  2. Tomato 1 Big (cut into small pieces
  3. Garlic 4 pieces (cut into small Pieces)
  4. Black Olives Cut into small pieces
  5. Salt As required
  6. Samosa sheets as required
  7. Mozralla cheese 1 piece (we need to cut as long as sausage and thin long pieces)
  8. Green chillies Not so hot
  9. Butter As required
  10. Oil 1 small tsp
  11. Egg yolk 1 beat nicely (optional maida paste)


  • Heat oil in the pan, sauté tomatoes and garlic till the tomatoes are mushy and become a paste consistency.Add sausages and little water. Let the sausages to cook well and become dry. The tomatoes and garlic gravy should coat the sausages nicely.Take the samosa sheets, dust the butter slightly and arrange 1 sausage, 1 long piece cheese, 1 green chilly, and a small portion of cut olives and roll it nicely and seal the end part nicely using egg yolk or maida paste.Keep the oven hot for 10 minutes and arrange the sausage rolls in a buttered tray and bake for 10 minutes.

    Very tasty sausage rolls ready to eat any time.

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