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    1. Whole wheat flour – Atta – 2 cups
    2. Wheat flour for dusting – 1/4 cup
    3. Warm water (using yoghurt or milk will give you super soft Chapatis) 3/4 cup
    4. Vegetable ghee (Optional) -1 Table spoon
    5. Oil – ½ tsp
    6. Salt-1/2 teaspoon
    7. Melted butter or oil to brush roti later -1 1/2 teaspoon


    Take a steel basin or a shallow bowl, add flour, 1 table spoon vegetable ghee and salt. Mix well.

      • Make a hole in the center of the flour and begin to add the water little by little and knead thoroughly with your hands after each addition for 5-8 minutes until you get a soft dough
      • Let dough rest for half an hour after covering with a moist cloth.
      • Knead the dough for few seconds, divide dough into 8 balls.
      • Dip ball in flour, sprinkle some flour on the flat surface and using a rolling pin, roll the chapati to 6″, the chapati must not be too thin or it will not puff.
      • Heat the pan and place the rolled out chapati on it.
      • When you begin to see chapati puffing upon the surface, flip the chapati.
      • When the bottom side gets light brown patches, flip the chapati again.
      • Gently press the chapati around the edges, using a spatula or a cloth. This will help the chapati to puff completly.
      • If needed, apply butter or ghee only to one side of the chapatti.
      • Stack the chapatis over each other, this will keep it soft. Cover with clothes.Serve immediately.

    1: The chapati will be hard and chewy if not eaten within few hours from making it.

    2: If you want the chapati to stay soft longer, replace 1/2 cup of whole wheat flour with all purpose flour.

    3: Add milk or yogurt while kneading for soft chapati.

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