Thattu Dosa

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Thattu Dosa


1. Raw Rice-3 cups
2. Urad Dal- 1 Cup
3. Avil (Poha/pressed rice)- 1 cup.
4. Uluva(Fenugreek seeds) – 3/4 table spoon
5. Salt to taste


    •  Wash rice, urad dal, Avil and Uluva. Take a deep bowl and soak it in clean water for 4-6 hrs.
    •  Grind the ingredients in smooth paste adding the soaked water. The batter will be thicker similar to idli batter.
    •  Add Salt and mix well with hand and let it ferment for 8 hrs or overnight.
    •  Heat a dosa pan or iron griddle, apply little oil, spread a spoon of batter on the griddle in small circle shape. You can sprinkle little oil on the edges. This dosa is thick. As you spread slightly, a lot of pores appear on the dosa. Cook it covered with a lid in a medium flame.
    •  When the upper part is done, we need not flip the dosa or press the dosa. The bottom side of the dosa will become nice light brown colour. It looks like a sponge with lot of big and small pores.
    •  You can put lentil chutney podi over it with little oil and have this dosa or with any Chutney and Sambar

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