Ada with Rice Flour and Shallots

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Oats PuttuIngredients

  1. Rice Flour 3 cuts
  2. Warm water 4 ½ cups
  3. Shallots 12 Nos.
  4. Coconut 1 No.
  5. Salt As required
  6. Oil As required


  • Mix Rice flour with warm water and shallots cut into small pieces with required salt and ½ portion of coconut. Consistency should be not so think, but not so watery also.
  • A little more thicker than Dosa Batter.
  • Take a pan and sprinkle little oil, pour Ada patter not too thick, spread evenly and close it and cook in low flame. Turn to other side when done and repeat the process. It should cook in very low flame so that you will get little crispy ada.
  • Have it with Coconut milk + sugar or with Potato Masala  

Make thick coconult milk from the remaining ½ coconut and mix sugar

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