Ela Ada

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AdaRice Dough:

1. Rice powder – 2 cups
2. Salt – As required
3. Hot water – 2 cups


4. Grated coconut of 1 No.
5. Jaggery – 5 Big pieces
6. Water – 1 cup
7. Elaichi powder

Banana Leaves


Make a smooth dough with rice powder salt and hot water. Keep it asideTake a pan add 1 cup water, add Jaggery and melt it. Sieve the juice, boil once again and let it thicken. Add coconut and elaichi powder, mix well.Take a some dough and spread with the help of fingers on Banana leaves and spoon in the filling on one side of the ada and fold the blank side on to the filled side and slightly press so that fillings remain intact and does not come out.Place the ada on a steamer and steam well and cook both sides. Take the steamed ada out of the banana leaf wrap and serve.

Serve with black tea, or green tea without sugar.

A yummy healthy Good evening snack

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