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During one of our regular LOFTL gathering, as a reflection of our scrumptious satisfaction, an idea of ‘food source’ popped in one of the Nine Heads – we all welcomed and pinned it on top of our delightful dreams. Where nine minds gathered, there was always fun, chatter and definitely a lot of food… is a platform to showcase and share what we create in our kitchens, tried and tasted by us and our families.

Hailing from Gods Own Country and based in UAE, Loftl was initially started to have some fun, laughter and food together. And every time LOFTLs gathered, it turned out to be a celebration of food, apart from the limitless fun. It was then the hidden cooking skills, creativity, write ups, the food photography all came into light.


The thought of bringing all these talents together and taking LOFTLS friendship a step forward, the idea of was born.

Why Veppila!! Veppila (Curry Leaves) is highly valued for many reasons. But here, our – extents new tastes that will definitely savor your taste buds as we – the nine hearts – add the flavors of love and friendship, served to your body and soul!!

All of us like everything about food, the process of preparing, the smell of spices, the vibrant colour of the ingredients, the happiness, the satisfied smiles on the faces of the loved ones and the heart-warming appreciations, all are so appealing and gives immense pleasure.

Food is our common ground; a universal experience. intends to accurately convey the taste, texture, spicy smell, enjoyableness of food eaten, make people feel good, bring them together, inspire nostalgic feelings….We aspire to introduce culinary experiences from very different homes, what we share with you is a piece of our memories.

The urge to start something and call it “our own” crafted into an idea called You may call it entrepreneurship or something as small as penning down our dreams. We do believe in women empowerment. A woman is powerful and full of often-untapped potential. She can inspire sustainable transformation and create a new story for herself, her family and her entire community. A woman can change the world. We found it an opportunity to connect, empower and inspire — creating a space where women come together to share experiences, insights and resources all while having fun and making meaningful connections!

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an Act but a Habit. – A Tasty Dream Come True

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