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UNNAKAYA 02.11.2014Ingredients

  1. Banana, medium ripened -1 kg
  2. Coconut, grated         -2 cups
  3. Sugar         -1 cups
  4. Oil                           -2 cups
  5. Cashew nuts       -10 Nos
  6. Cardamom             -3 Nos


  1. Steam medium ripened banana in a steam cooker, remove the center black portion and grind it in a grinder without using water or mash it well with hands.
  2. Heat a pan add a table spoon oil or ghee and fry grated coconut by adding sugar and cardamom in it, until it turns golden color.
  3. Add fried cashew nuts in it.
  4. Roll banana paste in the size of a big lemon by spreading oil in your hand.
  5. Place it in the left hand. Press it with your fingers of right hand, and make it nicer.
  6. Put a spoon of coconut at its centre.
  7. Close all the sides of the banana paste with your hand.
  8. Fold your left hand and make it in the shape of a banana with both your hands.​
  9. Shape its sides.
  10. Roll the whole banana paste by following the above steps.
  11. Heat oil in a nonstick pan and put one by one of the banana rolls and fry it.
  12. Fry both the sides until it turns golden color.


​Serve it as a delicious tea time snack


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