Crispy Cluster Bean Poriyal

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1. Kothamara (Cluster Beans) ½ KG
2. Onion 3 3 Nos. (cut to small)
3. Garlic 3 Cloves (cut to small)
4. Ginger 1 piece (cut to small)
5. Green Chilly 3 Nos. (cut to small)
6. Veppila 1 sprig
7. Turmeric ½ spoon
8. Chilly powder 1 spoon
9. Water 1 cup
10. Salt As required
11. Coconut grated ½ cup
12. Jeera 1 spoon
13. Oil 1 table spoon

For tempering
1. Mustard Seed,
2. Red Chilly,
3. Veppila

For final tempering urad dal – 2 spoons

Wash Kothamara (Cluster Beans) and cut very small.
Mix all ingredients 1 to 10 and cook well in slow flame and till water completely disappears.
Add 1 small cup grated coconut and jeera and cook for 5 minutes.

Heat a pan, pour oil, when the oil is warm and put mustard seed, red chilly and veppila. After the mustard sputter, add the cooked kothamara and sauté nicely continuously for 45 minutes till it become very dry and crispy.

Final Tempering : Heat a pan add 2 tsp of oil and fry 2 spoons urad dal and mix well with the poriyal.

Serve delicious and crispy poriyal with Rice.

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