A Sandwich with a Desi twist – Caramelized Banana filled sandwich

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  • Brown Bread                           2 slices
  • Banana (Kerala) ripened         10 slices (round slices)
  • Sugar                                      1 table spoon
  • Nutella                                     1 table spoon
  • Butter                                      1 spoon


Slice banana thin round shape.

Take a Non stick pan, add butter, when it melts add banana slices and sprinkle sugar in it. When one side is brown colour turn the banana pieces to other side, so that both sides will be equally caramelized. If need, sprinkle more sugar and butter. Remove from frying pan.

Take bread pieces spread nutella all over the inside part and keep caramelized banana pieces.

Make hot the pan again with butter, when butter melts put bread sandwich on it and press lightly till it is brown.

A very tasty, healthy sandwich filled with nutrition of brown bread, Kerala banana and chocolate ready for children school snack bag.


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