Nadan Duck Curry

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Duck                      1 No.

Coriander            1 big table spoon

Red chilly             1 table spoon (Kashmiri chilly- Optional)

Turmeric              1 table spoon

Garam Masala   1 small spoon

Pepper                 1 small spoon

Yoghurt                                1 small glass

Coconut               ½ coconut grinded

Ginger garlic       1 small spoon each

Oil                           Olive oil 1 big table spoon


Cut duck into medium pieces and wash thoroughly and marinate with yoghurt and keep aside for some time. Marinate with yoghurt will reduce the duck smell. Fry coriander first, red chilly and turmeric and garam masala to brown. Fry coconut. Mix all in a grinder to make a fine paste by addition small amount of water. Take a tawa make it hot and pour olive oil.. When the oil is hot mix the find ground paste fry for some time and add the duct by washing away the yoghurt. Add ginger garlic paste, pepper, Make the fire in low flame. Allow the duct to cook slowly.. Marinate with coriander leaves and its good with rice, chappti, roti etc..

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