Chambakka Juice (Rose Apple/Water rose apple)

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As kids, our summer vacations in Kerala were spent running around with kids of same age and picking fruits from trees. Our favorite Chambakka were like our daily snack which we picked by hand and enjoyed them right away. The fruit is crisp with mild sweetness and a tangy flavour. Chambakka can help with diabetes and liver problems. It affects the pancreas in diabetics and acts as a block against the conversion of starch into sugar. The seeds have a glucose in them called jamboline that can be dried and turned into a powder; this powder can be added to water three to four times a day to help reduce sugar in the urine.

Chambakka Juice


  1. Champakka – 1kg
  2. Sugar – As required
  3. Water – 1 ltr
  4. Soda (Sprinkling Water) – 1 No (Optional)

Preparation method:

Wash the champakka in water thoroughly remove the seeds and crush well. Strain well and get the liquid. Add sugar and soda as required and pour in glasses.


It cools the body and best juice to have in summer.

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