Thari Kanji – A speciality of Ramadan Fasting

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  1. Semolina                     3 Table spoons
  2. Ghee                           1 spoon
  3. Fresh Milk                   2 cups
  4. Sugar                          1 spoon or depends on taste
  5. Vanila essence            ¼ spoons
  6. Cardamom powder     1 pinch
  7. Shallots                       5 Nos.
  8. Cashe Nuts                 5 Nos.
  9. Raisins                        5 Nos.


Fry Semolina- 3 spoon in 1 teaspoon Ghee. (Do not get it brown). Add 2 cup fresh milk and get it boiled. Once it is boiled add sugar (depends on taste , normally one teaspoon ), add vanilla essence and cardamom powder. Cook for 2 more minutes with continuous stirring.

Season with fried shallots, cashew nuts and raisins

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