Prawns, Jackfruit Seed, Mango curry

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  1. Prawns ½ kg
  2. Jackfruit seed 15 to 20 Nos.
  3. Mango 2 Nos.
  4. Chilli powder 2 spoons
  5. Turmeric powder ½ spoons
  6. Salt As required
  7. Oil for tempering
  8. Shallots 5 Nos. chopped
  9. Green chilli 2 Nos.
  10. Ginger 1 piece chopped
  11. Lemon juice 2 spoons
  12. Coconut milk of 1 coconut


Clean the prawns and marinate with lemon juice and salt for sometimes.

Clean the jackfruit seeds no need to remove the brown part. Cut ½ or ¼

Take a pan or chatti and add prawns, jackfruit seeds, mangos, green chilli, ginger, chilli powder, turmeric powder and salt and with little water in fire. Close the pan with a tight lid and keep in low fire. Check the jackfruit seed whether it is cooked. Then add the coconut milk.

Add fried shallots on top.


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