Semiya Payasam

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  1. Semiya                                1 cup
  2. Sugar                                   ¾ cup
  3. Ghee/ Butter                     2 table spoon
  4. Sabu Dana                          2 table spoon
  5. Milk                                     1 litre
  6. Cashew nuts                      10 Nos.
  7. Raisins                                 10 Nos.
  8. Cardamom powder          ½ spoon


Take a pan and add ½ spoon butter/ ghee and fry Cashew nuts and raisins and keep aside.

Fry Semiya with the remaining butter nicely and add sugar and fry sometime. Add milk slowly and add sabu dana. When you see Sabu dana and semiya cook well add the remaining milk to adjust the consistency of Payasam and add the fried cashew nuts and raisins and cardamom powder.

Sure, this is an all time favourite of children and many adults.

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