Anjeer Badam Shake ( Fig Almond Shake)

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Anjeer or Fig is very healthy fruit, it is rich if potassium, omega 3 & 7, and minerals. It is rich in soluble fiber which help in treating chronic constipation. It is also good reducing high blood pressure and cholesterol. Good for reducing the risk of Cancer. Consuming figs can reduce fatigue, improve brain memory and prevent anaemia. Almonds are also very healthy dry fruit, it reduced bad cholesterol, strengthen bones, prevents the raise in blood sugar level.


  1. Dry figs – 10 -15 Nos.
  2. Almond- 10 Nos
  3. Fresh Milk ( almond milk or coconut milk)- 2-3 cup
  4. Sugar/honey –3-4 table spoon or according to your sweetness
  5. Vanilla essence( optional) -2-3 drops
  6. Ice -4-5 nos
  7. Cold Water – 1 cup


  1. Soak the dry fig and almonds separately in warm water overnight.
  2. Remove the skin of almonds and blend with fig along with the soaked water, milk, sugar, vanilla essence, ice and cold water.
  3. Serve it immediately and enjoy a healthy drink.

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