Winter Melon – (Kumbalanga) Pradhaman

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  1. Kumbalanga             1    Medium size
  2. Coconut                    2 nos
  3. Coconut Milk            First, Second and third extract
  4. Jaggery                    250 gram
  5. Sago                         100 gram
  6. Ghee                        100 gram
  7. Cashew nut              5 Nos.
  8. Raisins                     5 Nos.
  9. Misri                         ¼ cup
  10. Cardamom powder – 1 tsp
  11. Chukku podi             1 pinch


Clean the cucumber and cut small thin slice. Add third extract of coconut milk and cook. On getting cooked add the filtered jaggery syrup and ghee. Stir well. Add the sago and stir continuously for 10 minutes and add  the second extract of the coconut milk and boil. On getting mixed well add the cardamom powder and chukka podi along with the first extract of the coconut milk . Switch off the flame. Fry the Cashew nut and raisin in ghee add the same into the Pradhaman


Tasty yummy pradhaman ready

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