Onion Uthappam

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  1. Leftover Idli batter-2 cups
  2. Onion chopped -1 cup
  3. Curry leaves- 1 sprig
  4. Green chili
  5. ( 4 table spoon ghee and 4 table spoon gingerly oil)


  1. Uthappam is usually prepared with leftover idli batter which is sour and thick
  2. Take a dosa griddle, make a thick dosa, arrange a layer onions green chili and curry leave mixture over it generously and drizzle a tsp of the oil over it and when it is done, flip and let the onion caramelize in the slow flame.
  3. When it is golden brown colour serve it with a chutney or sambar.
  4. Enjoy soft spongy and crispy onion uthappam.

We can add grated carrots, capsicum tomatoes along with uthappam.

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