Pal Payasam

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  1. Rice – Jeerakasala, Ponni or Nadan Rice      – 2 glasses
  2. Sabudana                                                        – Quarter glass
  3. Sugar                                                              – 2 glasses
  4. Butter                                                              – 250 gms
  5. Cardamam powder                                         – 1 table spoon
  6. Milk                                                                  – 2 Ltrs


Wash rice and cook with ¼ ltr milk and 1 ltr water.

When cook nicely add butter and sugar and sauté continuously. Give enough time to cook well the rice in butter and sugar, add sabudana. Add milk. Stir until we get the required consistency. And add cardamom powder.


  • .: we can add cashew nut and dry grapes.. or badam

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