Crispy Rings

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  1. Rice flour- 1cup
  2. Rava (semolina) – 1cup
  3. Sugar- 3-4 tsp
  4. Salt a pinch
  5. Black jeera- 1 pinch
  6. Water-2 glasses
  7. Oil/ghee-1tsp (to add to flour)
  8. Oil –for deep frying


  1. Boil the water add the flour, sugar, salt & 1tsp oil. Mix well and switch off the stove.
  2. When it is medium warm (when you are able to handle it) Blend it well take some mixture and make it into rope shape and attach the edges to give a shape of big ring/bangle. Repeat this with all the flour.
  3. Deep fry these rings in hot oil.
  4. Crispy bangles are ready.

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