Coffee flavoured Desert

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Custard coffee and mario biscut combo


  1. Custard powder 3 spoons
  2. Milk ½ ltr
  3. Sugar 5 spoons
  4. Marie biscuits 12 Nos or as needed
  5. Coffee Powder 1 spoon


  • Mix custard powder in ½ cup water and make sure no lumps. Boil milk add this mixture of custard powder and stir continuously. Add sugar to taste.
  • Make it in a consistency not too thick or thin.
  • Mix coffee powder with little sugar and ½ cup water.
  • Take a deep rectangle tray. Pour the custard powder, then layer marie biscuits dipped in coffee solution such as to cover all parts of custard. And make another layer of custard and then again marie biscuits and so on..
  • Keep the tray in fridge for 4 to 5 hours till the mixture set properly.
  • You can cut and serve.. A surprise desert for your guests.

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