Strawberry dosa

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  1. Basmati rice or any good quality Biryani rice soaked- 1 cup
  2. Strawberry- 4-5 Nos
  3. Condensed Milk- 4-5 table spoon
  4. Curd- 2 table spoon
  5. Red Food colour- 2-3 drops
  6. Strawberry essence- 3-4 drops
  7. Salt a pinch
  8. Sugar-1 table spoon or if you need more sweetness
  9. Butter- 2 -3 tsp


  1. Grind the rice along with strawberry, condensed milk, curd, sugar, salt into a smooth batter.
  2. Add food color and essence to it.
  3. Rest it for 20 minutes.
  4. Heat a griddle to medium temperature, apply little oil and wipe it with a tissue.
  5. Pour the batter and spread into a thin dosa. Take some butter and apply over it. Cover and cook it.
  6. Flip it and remove when cooked. Serve it with Strawberry jam or sweet condensed milk.
  7. Children will love the strawberry taste and the beautiful colour.

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