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  1.  Rice                 1 cup matta rice
  2. Rice                 1 cup white rice/ ponni rice/ basmati rice
  3. Uluva               2 spoons
  4. Urad Dal          1 cup


  1. Keep all the above ingredients overnight and blend all the ingredients with enough water to get a dosa batter. Make the consistency a little thinner so that we could get thin and crispy dosas.
  2. Take a Dosa tawa and place it in the flame. Check the hotness of tawa by sprinkling little water. Once tawa is hot and ready, pour 1 ladle of batter in the middle and flatten the dosa. Sprinke some ghee on sides of dosas and over the dosa. After a minute, dosa is cooked in the bottom. flip the dosa to cook nicely both parts.
  1. Using a flat spatula or scissor, cut the radius of dosa from the center to one corner. Keep the flame low till the dosa is crispy and golden brown in the bottom.
  2. Then roll the dosa like a cone using the cut edge of the dosa.
  3. Serve this Crispy and delicious Ghee Roast with sambar, or your desired chutney and enjoy

Children will love the shape and smell of this crispy dosa

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