Pottu kadala or POPPED BENGAL GRAM  chutney

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  1. Pottu kadala/ Popped bengal gram  –           3/4 cups
  2. Freshgrated coconut      –       1cup
  3. Greenchillies                   –         4 Nos
  4. salt totaste
  5. Mustard –         1 tsp
  6. Curry leaves –         1 Sprig
  7. Oil –         1 table spoon
  8. Dry redchilli                 –         1 No

Method:-Blend all ingredients ( Item 1-4) for chutney along with  enough water to grind to  a smooth paste.

For tempering:-

Heat oil and add mustard seed, when to cracks add curry leaves and red chili, add to chutney. This step can be skipped if you do not like to add oil

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