Braised Lamb Shanks

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  1. Mutton Shanks – 2 no.s of medium size
  2. Carrots – 1 No.
  3. Potatoes – 2 No.s
  4. Bay leaves – 2 No.s
  5. Onions – 4 No.s
  6. Garlic – 4 Cloves, crushed gently
  7. Garam Masala – 2 tablespoon
  8. Rosemary – 2 Stems
  9. Wine – 1 bottle of any red wine
  10. Dried Thyme – 4 tablespoon
  11. Paprika – 4 tablespoon
  12. Salt to taste
  13. Olive Oil – 8 tablespoon
  14. Handful of Mint for garnishing


  • Marinate the mutton shanks with paprika, thyme, oil & salt and refrigerate it for half an hour.
  • Cut the veggies like potatoes and carrots in to chunk pieces and onions in to thin slices.
  • Heat the remaining oil in a pan and add crushed garlic, bay leaves and sauté for one minute.
  • Place the marinated shanks in to pan and allow it to cook for 10 minutes.


  • Add all the cut veggies, onions and garam masala in to it and sauté it well for few minutes.
  • Add a bottle of wine in such a way that the shanks are covered by wine at least more than half of the shanks.


  • Boil the wine in high flame for 10 – 15 minutes until the alcohol is evaporated off completely. (Note: while the wine is boiling make sure that you’re basting the shanks frequently in order to moist the parts of the shanks that are not covered in wine.)
  • Transfer the shanks and veggies in to a baking tray, season it with rosemary on top and place the baking tray in oven.
  • Bake the shanks for 3 hours at 300 deg Celsius. Make sure that you’re basting the shanks at regular intervals (say like every half an hour) to moist   the shanks well inside the oven.
  • Your baked shanks are ready to serve with Garlic bread/Roti.

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