Chakka Kinathappam

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20160608_221820Chakka Varatti ( Traditional jackfruit jam using jackfruit, jaggery and ghee) is prepared during summer season in most of Kerala homes. My mother religiously follows this ritual so that we do not miss the taste of this seasonal fruit every year. I and my sister look forward for it. We store in the refrigerator and prepare appam, ela adda or payasam all around the year.

Chakka Kinathappam

  1. Chakka Varatti ( Jackfruit jam)- 1 cup
  2. Rice Powder – 2 cup
  3. Jaggery Syrup(Melted )-1 cup (Or according to required sweetness)
  4. Cardamom powder- ½ tsp
  5. Chopped coconut pieces- 2-3 table spoon
  6. Salt -1 pinch
  7. Water- 4 cups ( as required)
  8. Ghee- 1 tsp (optional)


  1. Add 2 cups boiled water to chakka varatti and melt it and make it in the form of a juice.
  2. Add the rice powder and mix well. Add jaggery juice according to required sweetness.
  3. Add salt, coconut pieces and cardamom powder and mix
  4. Make a thick batter without any lumps (similar to idli batter).
  5. Smear little ghee in a round plate with depth and pour the batter to it.
  6. Alternative you can pour into an idli mould too.
  7. And steam it for 5 minutes and serve it hot or cold as a snack.
  8. Enjoy jackfruit appam even when it is not available all around the year.

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