Kattapayasam (Rice)

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  1. Rice – White preferred 2 cups
  2. Sago (Sabu dana) ½ cup
  3. Jaggery 4 pieces
  4. Salt 1 pinch
  5. Water 2 cups
  6. Coconut grated 1 cup
  7. Dry ginger 1 pinch
  8. Cardamom powder ½ spoon


Cook rice with water and grated coconut and pinch of salt. When the water reduced and rice cook 75% and Sago add jaggary solution (Put jaggary in water and make the solution) and stir continuously, add dry ginger and cardamom powder.

Tasty payasam ready.

(This reminds us the payasam we used to get in Temples, it really feels good, hardly take 15 minutes to make this)

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