Steamed Cheru Kizhangu (Dioscorea esculenta)

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Dioscorea esculenta, commonly known as the Lesser Yam, is a Yam species.

It is cultivated in Kerala, Goa, Konkan parts of maharashtra India. In Malayalam, it is known as  Cheru Kizhangu”. In Goa in konkani its called khat khondghi, It is a climber which needs support and goes coiling around the support. The corm is edible.

During our Goa visit, we have visited the vegetable market in Goa and had this Cheru Kizhangu for our afternoon tea session.

Very tasty, yummy with black tea, coffee, Turkish coffee,  green tea.

You can have it just simply pressure cook them for 3 whistles add little salt if you like, or with any hot chilly chammanti.

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