Chapli Kebab

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Chapli kebab is a Pashtun-style minced kebab, usually made from ground beef or mutton with various spices in the shape of a patty. It originates from Peshawar in northwest Pakistan, and is also known as the Peshawari kebab


  1. Minced meat ½  kg
  2. Onion finely chopped 1
  3. Green Chillies chopped 1 or 2
  4. Coriander chopped 2 handfuls
  5. Tomato chopped 1
  6. Dry roasted coriander 1 spoon (ground in mortar and pestle)
  7. Ginger 5 cm  grated
  8. Dried pomegranate 2 spoons (optional fresh seeds)
  9. Cornmeal flour or gram flour 1 ½ table spoon
  10. Salt to taste
  11. Egg 1 No.
  12. Vegetable oil 3 to 5 table spoons

To garnish

  • Radish copped 3 – 5 No.s
  • Tomato 1 No.
  • Spring Onions 2 spring chopped
  • 1 Line


Mix all the ingredients except oil together in a large bowl. We need to knead the mixture together like  a dough. The more we knead and squeeze by hand less change it will break while frying.

Allow the mixture to rest in fridge overnight

Before frying allow the mixture to come to room temperature.

Make kebabs using hands to your desired shape and size.

Heat 1 table oil and fry the kebabs in a frying pan.

Serve it with chapti, nan add garnish and pomegranate chutney

Ingredients for pomegranate chutney

3 tablespoons of dried ground anardana

1 finely chopped green chilli

1 crushed garlic clove

1 handfuls of chopped coriander

10 copped mint leaves

Bash it all in a mortar and pestle and serve with kebabs

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