Sweet Pockets

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  1.  Wheat Flour ½ cup
  2. Maida ¼ cup
  3. Yeast 1 pinch
  4. Curd ½ cup
  5. Salt As required

For filling

  1. Any fruit of your choice eg. Strawberry, banana, apple etc.
  2. Cheese 3 slices
  3. Jam 1 spoon (just to spread)
  4. Cream 1 spoon


Make 3 or 4 chappattis and make it as a cone, keep one slice cheese on each foldings and spread some jam and cream and fill the fillings

Spread some olive oil and tawa fry the folded chapattis with fillings

  • You can add any fillings ie. Chicken, vegetables etc. same like samosas. It is more healthy because we are not deep frying it.

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