Gajar sambharo

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  1. 1-cup long cut gajar (carrot),
  2. 1\2-cup long thin green Capsicum
  3. 2-tbsp coriander+cumin powder,
  4. 1-tbsp mustard seeds,
  5. 3-tbsp lemon juice,
  6. 2-tbsp oil,
  7. Salt to taste.


Step 1: Heat the oil and add mustard seeds

Step 2: After add green chopped Capsicum and cook for 1-minute.

Step 3: Then add chopped gajar (carrot) in it.

Step 4: Cook until they are soft and then turn off the flame.

Step 5: Then add lemon juice, coriander+cumin powder and salt in it.

Step 6: Take it in serving bowl.

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