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Mango Chunda is a preserve that is common to all GujaratiĀ households. The traditional preparation of Chunda is time consuming, the heat of sun being used to dissolve the sugar till the pickle reaches a clear syrupy consistency and the mango shreds are translucent.

This is a quick version of this very popular recipe that tastes superb and is surprisingly easy to prepare. The secret of making a perfect chunda is the one string consistency which is very important. This simple recipe will help you stock up a year’s supply of mango chunda


  1. Raw Mango- 3 nos
  2. Jaggery syrup /or sugar -1.5 cup
  3. Red chili powder-Ā½ – 1 tsp tsp (according to spicyness)
  4. Cumin seeds (jeera) roasted and powdered
  5. Salt- to taste


  1. Skin the mangoes and grate it add salt and mix well
  2. Take a pan add the jaggery syrup or sugar and add the grated mango.
  3. Add the red chili powder to it and cook it on low flame. Let it become 1 thread consistency or to a thick mixture.
  4. Add the roasted jeera powder and let it cool.

Yummy and sour, sweet spicy pickle is ready.Serve it with phulka ,poori, kichadi or dhokla

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