Half-moon ( a Mauritian snack)

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to upload 1Ingredients

  1. Dough for half-moon Preparation
  2. Plain flour 1 ½ cup of plain flour
  3. Water- 1 ½ cup
  4. Salt to taste
  5. Butter -2 table spoon
  6. Flour- for kneading
  7. Filling
  8. Paneer (or Chicken minced)- 1 cup
  9. Mushroom minced- 1/2 cup
  10. Sweet corn-1/2 cup
  11. Onion minced -1 No
  12. Green Chilli minced -1 No
  13. Ginger minced -1 table spoon
  14. Garlic minced -2 table spoon
  15. Cream of Mushroom (Or cream chicken) soup- 3 table spoon
  16. spring onions chopped – 2 table spoon
  17. Kraft grated cheese- 1cup
  18. Salt- as per taste
  19. Pepper- ¾ tsp
  20. Oil


  1. For coating
  2. Bread crumbs
  3. Egg + water- for binding
  4. Oil for frying


  1. Heat water in a nonstick vessel add butter and salt. When it boils add the flour and stir till it become ball and remove from the vessel on a plate and mix well and cover it and let it cool.
  2. Take a pan add little oil or butter add onion, ginger, garlic, green chili and saute it well.
  3. Add minced mushrooms and saute for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Take little oil add the mushroom minced and mix well
  5. Add the crumbed paneer to it and saute it well.
  6. Add cream of mushroom  soup powder for seasoning, check the salt add salt if needed
  7. Mix well and add sweet corn
  8. Lastly add spring onion mix well.
  9. Let it cool down and then add the grated cheese and mix well.
  10. ( for chicken saute it in little oil and add salt and pepper and cook it well and mix to the mixture at the end and mix well)


For the Halfmoons

  1. Take the dough and knead well adding little dry dough and roll it out to small circles ( poori) .
  2. Put the filling on one side ( one half). Do not put the filling towards the edges. Apply water on the edges and fold the other side and press it over the edges. Like a half moon.
  3. Beat the egg white, dip the half-moons into it and coat it with bread crumbs.
  4. Prepare all the half-moons and deep fry in hot oil.
  5. Serve it hot with a spicy dip.


( Here I have used paneer instead of chicken which is used in original recipe)

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