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Falooda is a dessert, if you look at it technically, but practically it is an any-time snack! This exciting combination of sweetened rose-flavoured milk with falooda sev, subza seeds, vanilla ice-cream is a delicacy that appeals to all. It is quite sumptuous and satiating. Indeed, what a tasty way to chase hunger away!


3 cups hot milk
3 tbsp sugar
6 tbsp rose syrup
6 tbsp soaked falooda seeds (subza)
1 cup falooda sev soaked
4 scoops vanila icecream
For The Garnish

  1. Grated pista/ badam/ cashew
  2. rose syrup


  1. Combine the milk and sugar in a deep bowl and mix well.
  2. Keep this sweetened milk aside to cool slightly and refrigerate for at least 1 hour or till it is chilled.
  3. Pour 1½ tbsp of rose syrup in a tall glass, add the 1½ tbsp of falooda seeds, ¼ cup falooda sev over it.
  4. Pour ¾ cup of the chilled sweetened milk over it and top with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to make 3 more glasses.
  6. Serve immediately garnished with a few drops of rose syrup.

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