Kunji Kalattapam and caramelized coconut & banana

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photoKunji Kalattapam
1. Ponni rice( Paraboiled rice)- 1cup
2. Jeerakasala rice (raw rice) -1/2 cup
3. Sugar- 4 table spoon
4. Cardamom -1/2 tsp
5. Oil for frying
1. Wash and soak the rice in hot water for 4-5 hours or overnight.
2. Grind it adding water, sugar and cardamom as that of dosa consistency.
3. Keep it aside for resting.
4. In a pan, heat 1 cup oil and when it is hot, pour 1 dessert spoon of this mixture. Keep the flame medium.
5. Using a spoon take oil from side and pour above the appam. This appam is not flipped so in order to cook the upper side we spoon the hot oil above it.
6. Make appam in similar way for remaining dough.
Caramelized coconut banana
1. Coconut grated -1 cup
2. Sugar -1/2 cup
3. Banana chopped -3/4 cup
4. Cashew nuts broken -2 table spoon
5. Raisins -2 table spoon
6. Cardamom powder
7. Ghee-1 table spoon
Heat ghee in a pan, add the cashew nuts, raisin and roast it lightly. Add banana and roast well add then add coconut & sugar mix well and off the stove. Lastly add the cardamom powder.
The appam is served with the caramelized coconut and banana mixture.

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