Rice, Dal & Beetroot kichadi (8 months +)

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  • ½ cup rice
  • 3tablespoon toor dal
  • 2tablespoon beetroot finely chopped
  • one pinch of turmeric powder
  • One pinch of cumin seeds
  • One pinch asafetida/hing powder
  • Garlic finely chopped– 2 optional
  • Ghee


  1. Wash the rice and dal in water.
  2. In a pressure cooker, add the Rice, Dal, beetroot, Garlic, cumin seeds, turmeric powder and Hing.
  3. Add 3 cups of water.
  4. Pressure cook till 5 whistles on high flame
  5. After the steam is released, add ghee and serve.


  1. For babies above one year old, you can add salt to it.
  2. After having this kichadi your baby’s potty may be red in colour. Don’t get panic it is due to the beetroot consumption.

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