Ari Kadukka

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Fresh mussels : 10 Nos
Rice powder : 1 cup
Grated coconut : 3/4 cup
Chopped Shallot : 4-5 nos
Fennel seed : 1 ½ tsp
Green Chili : 2 Nos increase or decrease according to spiciness
Curry leaves : 1 sprig
Salt to taste
Chilli powder : 1 tsp ( ½ tsp Kashmiri chili for nice color)
Turmeric powder : ½ tsp
Rice Powder : 2 tsp
Garam Masala : 1/2 tsp (optional)
Oil for frying : 2-3 table spoon


1. Wash the mussels well, remove any soil or fiber. We need to open the shell carefully so that meat does not come out of the shell. To open the shell insert a knife at straight portion exert slight pressure and slit and slide around carefully. In the lower corner of the attached shell part, clear dirt carefully and clean under running water and Keep aside. Once cleaning is done, take a deep vessel with straight edges and keep these mussels upside down. So that all water is drained.
2. In a mixer take the coconut, green chill, shallot, Fennel seeds and crush well
3. To prepare the rice powder, Heat 1 cup of water add salt, lower the flame, once it boil add the rice powder and mix well, it will become a dough add the Coconut mixture and mix well.
4. Make 10 parts of the dough, and fill the Mussels well press, so that it tightly packed in the shape of the shell. U can tie the mussels to keep it intact with a string.
5. Take a steamer and place all the Filled Mussels and steam it for 25 minutes.
6. Once it is done and cooled, remove the shell without removing the meat from the rice dough.
7. Take another deep plate add chili powder, turmeric power, pinch of salt, rice power, Garam masala and mix well with 3 to for table spoon of water and marinate with masala mix on all sides of the mussels rice balls.
8. In a pan heat oil and shallow fry marinated mussels both side.
9. Serve the Arikudakka Hot with tea.

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