Jeera Rice

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  • 1. 2 cup Basmati rice
  • 2. 3 ½ cups water
  • 3. Jeera- 1 tspoon
  • 4. Shah Jeera – ½ tsp
  • 5. Cinnamon- 2 pieces
  • 6. Cloves -4-6 Nos
  • 7. Cardamom-3 Nos
  • 8. Bayleaves -2 nos
  • 9. Star Aniseed-2 Nos
  • 10. Green chili -2 Nos
  • 11. Ghee- 2 table spoon


  • 1. Heat 1/2 tea spoon ghee and add spices, when aroma comes add water and let it boil and keep it aside. Sieve the water and discard the spices. This is to infuse the spices taste to water.
  • 2. Heat remaining ghee in a thick bottom vessel, add cashew and fry for few minutes when it turns golden brown remove it and keep it aside.
  • 3. In the same ghee, add both jeeras, when it sputter, add green chili and sauté for few minutes then add rice and sauté again it for few minutes. Add salt and the boiled spice water. Cover the lid and let the rice cook.
  • 4. Decorate it with cashew nut

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